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Heya there.
I'm Alex i'm 19 and i live in a small town in Germany.
There's not much I could say about myself, u have to explore it on your own ;)

So if u like add me on Facebook and get to know me :)

Current Residence: COLOGNE
Favourite genre of music: POP
Favourite style of art: FASHION POTRAITS
Operating System: MAC OSX
MP3 player of choice: iPOD ON iPHONE
I consider myself Art & ArtWork at the same time.
My Body is my Canvas, in real Life and in my Pictures which embody my Mind & Thoughts.
And it's like that in every second of each day, because I love my Tattoos & Piercings
& Tattoos and Piercings in general.
I can get inspired by almost everything around me.
Whether it's a Song, a Singer or a regular Person I see on the Streets or an Image or just some simple sentence.
And thats the reason i can enjoy like every kind of music. Because to me it doesn't matter
which genre a song has or who's the singer , the lyrics is what's really important to me.
As long as the song has lyrics i can relate to , whether they are deep and meaningful
or some kind of silly, it's good, even though other people make fun like " urgh, how can you
listen to that crap from that guy? " I don't care.
And when i'm really touched and inspired by something i try to reflect my thoughts and emotions
in a picture. Thats the Way I can tell the world how I feel.
So it can happen that you see me with some freaky make up or half-naked , which isn't quite the stuff
that a 'man' would do , but i don't care here as well , because, seriously , i'm not that male as everybody
things a man has to be, but i'm okay with it and so everybody else should be  or they can get the fuck out of my face.
I'm  very into all kinds of Art & Design , especially very minimal design & a bit into vintage and that kind of stuff.
I love that stuff so much I made it my Job. I'm in advertising now. And hell yeah i love it.
But I'm also into Fashion. That's another source if inspiration for me and I'm inspired by Fashion for Women as well as
Men's Fashion.
The most fascinated i am in everything but average and not just in Fashion.
Though I'm already 19 I still have a huge fantasy and a even bigger inner child and so I hate nothing more than Boredom
and Average. I need to be fascinated by something almost every time. And due to this inner Child I couldn't get along without
my closest friends. There are not loads of really good and close friends , i have to admit , but who cares as long as you can always
count on 'em and they can count on you.


A lot of people call me heartless and cocky.
And what am I gotta say ? I am kinda.
because, I'm honest, I don't feel real sympathy for a lot of things but not because those things are not sad or cruel enough
to have sympathy for. It's just that I've learned sympathy doesn't solve anything.
If your girlfriend breaks up with you , she won't come back just because you get sympathized all the time.
It's the same with good advises. I barely give advises. Because it doesn't matter what you gonna tell someone, in the end it's
still this person's problem and he has to deal with it, no matter what you told him.

Other call me callous and insensible.
I am.
But i wasn't born this way.
My environment made me that way.
I got disappointed so much in Life , even from my closest ones, i developed an armor over the Years
wish shields a lot , because what the fuck ? I'm not gonna let other peoples problems tare me down.
I have enough to do with my self and my crap going on.
So shut the fuck up with crap like " Don't you have a heart ? "
I do. But not for every Jackass.

And you know what ?
all this insensibleness makes it much easier to get along in Life.

And Yes I Am selfish
I am Cocky
I am Heartless
I am Cold
I am cruel
I am bad
I am ..
I am..
I am ..


  • Listening to: So Happy I could die.
  • Reading: -
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: -


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SevenOfNone Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey dood ,did you have any luck with those photos in the end? :)
actually yes



i took them ..
but then my camera broke and i couldn't rescue my images from the memory stick..
so i have to take new ones as soon as i get a new camera..
i'm sorry :(
SevenOfNone Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmm ,I understand. Although if you have a webcam or phone camera ,that should be fine for the moment. Even a scanner may work :)
excuse me for asking.
what exactly was it that i should take a photo of ?
(1 Reply)
JxFxPhotography Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011  Student Photographer
Danke fürs Adden Liebes ♥
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